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What to see when not fishing...

Resident and transient killer whales (orcas)

Matrilineal family groups known as pods can be identified by saddle patch or dorsal fin on the whale's back and are as distinct as a fingerprint.

Transient killer whales travel from California to Alaska. Killer Whales feed on marine mammals such as sea lions, otters, porpoise, seals and other whales, as well as every species of fish, particularly salmon.

Resident killer whales, J , K and L pod are seen frequently during the summer months from April until October

Grey and Humpback whales are common all along the coast.

Harbour Seals, Elephant Seals, Fur Seals and Sea Lions

Harbour seal is the most abundant in the Victoria area

Bald Eagles are easily identified by their distinctive white head, white tail feathers and large, dark brown body. They are on the endangered list in the US but abundant in areas around Vancouver Island. Some migrate south and return to this area to nest and rear their young.

Black bears frequent the shore line turning over stones looking for crabs and such. Elk, deer, otters, minks and several other species of wildlife are also part of the wilderness experience.

Hiking trails, pristine wilderness and beautiful sandy beaches are also there for your enjoyment.



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